Academic and research Intranet

The basic communications infrastructure of RedIRIS is a high-capacity communications trunk network rolled out countrywide that provides the Spanish academic and scientific community with access to the worldwide research Intranet.

Using this network, institutions affiliated with RedIRIS can connect to other academic and research centres under optimum conditions, thereby helping them to take part in national and international research projects, including e-science projects that require mass data transmission or certain advanced services that are not available in the commercial sphere.

This service enables users to make connections where end-to-end communication is controlled as a result of RedIRIS's collaboration with other regional or international academic networks. RedIRIS also offers monitoring tools which end users can use to check service quality and status such as traffic statistics, the link occupancy map (weather-map), network node availability (looking-glass) and to analyse a link's status in detail (PerfSONAR).

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