DNS Service

The DNS (Domain Name System) is a hierarchical system whereby domain names (e.g. “rediris.es”) are associated with the IP addresses which are used to identify the devices connected to the network and which, owing to their format, (e.g. are hard to remember.

Institutions affiliated with RedIRIS keep their own DNS servers, which enable them to resolve Internet queries on the IP addresses that correspond to their domain names. From the outset, RedIRIS has provided the option of hosting a copy of affiliated institutions' DNS information in a RedIRIS secondary server, so that, in the event that the main DNS server of these institutions crashes, the RedIRIS secondary server can provide the information.

At present, 99% of the institutions affiliated with RedIRIS avail of this service.

RedIRIS also places the IRIS-DNS information and coordination forum at the disposal of its affiliated institutions.

  • Coordinates the global DNS policies of the RedIRIS affiliate organisations for ensuring the proper operation of the service in the community.
  •  Encourages information exchange (news, documents, experiences, breakthroughs, etc.) between forum members.
  • Tests new versions of DNS management software, configurations for IPv6 and DNSSEC, and any new technology that can be applied to this    system.
  • Provides DNS management tools.


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