IPv6 Service

IPv6 is the latest version of the protocol that supports all Internet communication and has been designed to solve the problem of address space on the current IPv4 protocol starting to run out, among other matters.

RedIRIS has been working with this protocol since the '90s, initially facilitating experiments with the protocol and subsequently disseminating its use among affiliated institutions.

Initially, an experimental "tunnel"-based network was created. In 2003, the protocol was deployed natively in the trunk network in operation and succeeding in beating the world record for transferring information to native IPv6.

RedIRIS is currently in the rollout phase of a server that can measure and compare the speed of IPv4 and IPv6 connections. This can be accessed from http://ipv6-test.com/speedtest/, by selecting the RedIRIS server

More information: Assigning IPv6 addressing, control panel and IPv6 guide.